Sunday, January 8, 2017

HEAD - The Horror Flick That Wouldn't Die...

We just got another great review of HEAD over on The Movie Sleuth, and they loved it!

The movie got picked up at the end of 2016 for distribution on I Bleed Indie!

To call HEAD the horror flick that wouldn't die is a fair statement! 

So with that in mind I want to use this post to say thank you to all the people who worked on the flick...
Seriously...  Here's a list...

Rick Passmore
Gabe Finkenstein
Mike Finland
Manda Vasas
Nick Foreman
Russ Werlebird
Keith Paul
Jackie Etling
Jason Finberg
Sally Arlette-Garcia
Ben Farley
Brian Woodman
Jim Williams
Theresa Murphy
Steph Neagle
J.R. Calvo
Graveyard Gil
and all the Kickstarter Backers, Russ' Dad, WRF Designs, and Sean Michanczyk!

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, once I remember I'll edit this post, hahaha..

And thank you to all the film fests, and locations that hosted screenings, to all the critics with the fun reviews, and to the crews at I Bleed Indie and VHX.

So if you haven't seen the flick yet please check it out!  All the people above worked hard on it! 
And now I'm off to finish my coffee and get work going on the next project!

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