Saturday, April 1, 2017


Mouth Puppet - from "Christmas Wishes" and "The Risley Brothers"

So I'm going to try to get back into a puppet every week, on Saturdays...  I've got a bunch from the past year-ish with "The Risley Brothers" series and other projects that haven't been posted yet. 
This one above was used in "The Risley Brothers" as a patron of the bar a couple times, and now as "BEN" and in "Christmas Wishes", a short that will be released later this year.  Between Risley and the new short we gave him new eyeballs.  Haha...
Some of this puppet goes waaaayyy back to 2005.  His body and original head were made then.  The puppet was then used a few years later (with original head) in "Leonard and BWoP"...  
Which we really should do more with those guys!
Then the head was removed and ended up on a tree in "HEAD".  While prepping "Risley" I took the nody and gave him an all new head.  This poor puppet cant catch a break.  You'll see what I mean when the short comes out!
Here's a peek though at the shooting of "Christmas Wishes"....
And come back next week for more pics!

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