Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Original Four

No one new today...  Here's a look back...

Late last year I was going through all the puppets we have stored at 
Elmwood's studio.
Doing a big cataloging and sorting...  Needed to be done!
While doing it I was also looking for puppets to be reused and repurposed for future projects, or sold on Etsy to help fund future projects.  
And then there are these guys.  These four puppets were among the original dozen or so puppets I made.  They were used in a series called "It's Late Enough With Plink!" that was for local cable access.  It never really went anywhere.  
Most of the rest of the dozen have been torn up and made into other things, or just didn't survive the years...  Except the original Sojive!  He's still here too, hahaha...
I decided to give them to the puppeteers who brought them to life all those years ago.  But wanted to make sure they got preserved.  So I mounted 'em like dead animals!  Hahaha!
I have no idea if they just tossed these in closets when I gave them to them, or if somewhere that are on proud display.  I just know it felt right to send them to new homes...
Thank you Russ, Pete, and Jim - for being there in the beginning!  

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