Saturday, July 1, 2017


Mouth Puppet from "Animal Behavior"

So we shot a whole series a few years ago called "Animal Behavior"...
And never officially released it.
Well, when all was said and done we could do better.
Those who worked on it worked hard.  REAL HARD.  And it did come out really good.  But the sound needed work.  Then when the work was done it needed even more.  And by then we looked at it and realized we could take this fun and awesome concept and make it even better...
So we are...
We're re-shooting the WHOLE thing soon, and as part of the re-shoot I decided to re-make a bunch of the puppets, and repair/update some of the others.
Simon here, he's one of the rebuilds.  I also figured since a good chunk of the show is also being re-cast it would be nice for the new performer to have a puppet of their own for the part.
The old puppet had seen much better days, and I figured let's make him better.
Here's a pic of the old one when it was still new - 
Not a bad puppet to look at, but he was falling apart, and dirty, and just not very functional for what we need him to do in the show.
And alot of people would confuse him for Steve the Vampire, hahaha...
I did love the eyes though...  So I decided to re-use them on the new one...
Here's a couple pics of the puppet in progress...  

I also re-used the eyebrows..
 And to my surprise the shirt from the original puppet was still floating around!
And it fits the new puppet better!
Here he is all done, and ready for the show! 

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