Friday, February 16, 2018


My birthday is tomorrow.  
I'll be 43!  Glad to have made it this far and looking forward to at least 43 more!
Some nice folks have been asking me what I "want" for my birthday. 
Not an easy question, especially as I get older.
I have what I need - an awesome wife, and family.  Great friends who I love.  A roof over my head.  
So really I don't need anything!
I want YOU to be happy...

And I also have Elmwood Productions...
My creative outlet.  My passion.  I love puppetry and the films we make.
So I do want for something.  I want to do more -
So if you really feel like you need to spend money on me then I'll ask this - 
Help me and the Elmwood gang keep working!  Rent or buy a flick from our page HERE, or copy and paste this link - 
- and share it on your social media!  Your support keeps Elmwood going.  And your support is a better gift than anything else I can think of!

No matter what I want to thank you!
Thanks for even thinking of me!
Means the world to me!

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