Monday, October 1, 2018

Lucky Numbers

In early 1995 I went to Florida with my dad and two uncles to visit my grandfather for his birthday.
One nite we stopped at a very out of the way restaurant,  that had some amazing food.
On the way out I say a funny looking machine that would guess your weight and give you a fortune.
I don't remember if it got my weight right.
But it did spit out this card, with a fortune, some lucky numbers, and some additional words of wisdom.
All these years later I still have it.  It's hanging in the studio now.  It has been in all the studios over the years.  It's a nice thing to look over and see when I'm feeling down, or overwhelmed, and so on.
It's also a nice reminder of some great times when thins in my life weren't so great.  Sometimes it's the little things that make life good.
This little piece of cardboard is one of those.

Remember - "Happiness Lies In The Heart, Not In The Mind." 

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