Monday, March 4, 2019


Right now a lot of creators are using Patreon to fund their projects.  And it’s great.  Especially for short projects, podcasts, and YouTube shows.  Donating monthly to a creator and getting exclusive content is amazing.  And people keep asking if we’re going to start one with Elmwood Productions.  
Well, we’re not…
The type of projects we do tend to be a little tougher to create and forcing ourselves to get new content out each month may actually hurt the quality.  
We want to keep creating new, and exciting, and even weird things.  
So, we’ve made a decision to come back to Kickstarter.  We had some luck with HEAD back in 2014-2015 on Kickstarter.  We’ll be going there for the bigger projects.  So instead of asking you for a monthly donation and dipping into your wallet monthly, we’re just going to ask you from time to time for one.  And you can pick and choose as the project come up!  

I mentioned "weird" a moment ago.  And this project we’re embarking on is weird.  Very weird.  It’s an experimental art film.  And like HEAD, it stars all puppets.  And you’ll see we’re not even asking for much.  Our goal is $500.00.  And our incentives are pretty fun too.  And we have made them for all wallets…  From a buck to 10,000 bucks if you have money to burn.   Check them out!

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