Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Always Hanging In Marvel Land!

I keep seeing posts online and on entertainment news sites about Marvel, Disney, and Sony not coming to an agreement on use of Spider-Man as part of the Marvel series of films.  I keep seeing folks blame Sony, blame Disney...
Blame Marvel.  They're the company that was in such a bad financial situation back in the late '80's early '90's that they were taking checks from anyone willing to write one for the screen rights to their characters.
But really, who cares why?  It's business most of us are speculating about but have nothing to do with.  The equivalent of schoolyard gossip.
A good comic book movies job is to be a gateway into the world of the characters.  A gateway into the comic book themselves.

Going to see a movie is about twenty buck these days, right?
Hit the ATM, get out a twenty dollar bill and find you local comic shop.  Inside that wonderful place Spider-Man has always been in the Marvel Universe.  So are the X-Men, and Venom, and The Fantastic Four, and Blade...  And so on...
Support the local shop, and the artists, writers, and creators who make these characters happen from the start.  They need the money more than the film folks do!  And their work is more inspired, original, and creative!  I'm not bashing the films at all, or their merits and creativity or the talent behind them.  I'm glad these movies are around, even if I haven't seen a Marvel flick since 2012, they just aren't for me these days.
But I do know that Spider-Man, Batman, The Hulk...  These guys were a gateway to me, into art, and creativity, and joy. And it was the comics that got me first.  And I'm grateful for that.

Need to find your local comic shop?
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