Friday, November 29, 2019

The Freakateers - BERNICE, TOO

Hello everyone!

Thank you all again so much for your support. If you've watched the video first then you already know we had a delay in production which means the movie won't be out until 2020!
If you didn't watch the video first, well, now you know!
This is a good thing. It's giving us more time to make this movie the best movie it can possibly be. And that is super important to us at Elmwood Productions!
The whole concept behind "Bernice, Too" is to be fun, weird, silly, and to make everyone who sees it smile. We're bringing back some old friends to be a part of the film, and guest puppeteers, more puppets, and even will be reaching out to the Kickstarter backers to join in on a day of shooting if you can! More details on that when the time is closer!

We've been at this for almost 20 years. How crazy is that? And without your support it couldn't have happened! We love you so much!
For those who "Kicked" in for the original sketch and the t-shirt we will be shipping them out in January, so make sure your info is up to date with Kickstarter and us!
Like we did with "HEAD" we'll also be making behind the scenes videos as we film, and will be posting them on Kickstarter for the backers first before hitting YouTube a week later. These videos are always a fun look into underground/independent film making, and you get to see the folks under the puppets too!
Again - THANK YOU! For your support and patience as we make "BERNICE, TOO" into our craziest flick yet!
- The Elmwood Gang
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