Sunday, July 18, 2021

As Bowie asked: "Can You Hear Me?"

 Us artist types can be a tortured and damaged bunch, huh? 

It's weird how songs can reinvent themselves as time goes on.  See this post from a while back for a great example, in my opinion...  Based on what is happening in life as life moves and changes and creates.  

I posted earlier this year about trying to overcome being an angry young man back after my mother died and everything I was working for went to shit.  And how since 2001 I have been doing my best to be the best, or at least better.  
But what is better?  
And why should I be?  
For me maybe?
For others?
Or should I be better to keep other people from having their mistakes fuck them over for all to see?  
Should I just let everyone know?  And see what happens?

Would it make me feel better?
I kinda am leaning to a "yes" there....

Should I be a better person to help others cover up their bad behavior, even if it is making me dissolve as a human being, as a person, and go against everything I have done to be a "better" person?

Should I behave more like Spidey here?  And let every motherfucking asshole, whore, and wretched piece of shit burn?  Maybe I should throw every asshole under the bus?  Would it make me feel better?  

Honestly, yes.  It fucking would.

Maybe it's also after 11PM and I'm burnt out and not thinking straight.  And maybe I should not care anymore.

I honestly don't think anyone even reads this site anymore unless I'm posting a puppet picture, and that's fine.  

I do this for me.  It's a good release. 
Should I not hold back anymore? Should I let loose and say what's on my mind, and in my heart?  Should I just unload?
As Prince said:
"Dear dad,
Things didn't turn out quite like I wanted them to.  Sometimes I feel like I'm going to EXPLODE.

This is my little corner of the internet.  And I can do whatever I please with it.  Right?


Somewhere in 1980.  

So back on songs and music, and how it can be reinvented with time and situations.

When I was 16 I LOVED Guns N' Roses.

Fuck it.  I still do.  But as I got older and past 2001 I wasn't relating to the rage and anger of the songs, of the music.  It had moments , but...
And Monday evening, as my computer was playing a shuffle of all the music on it "Perfect Crime" started. 
Perfect Crime.  Fucking Perfect Crime.

And man...  Is 46 too old to have "Angry Young Man Syndrome" again for a little bit?

Keep the demons down
And drag the skeletons out
I got a blind man followin' me in chains
I said he's fun to watch
When the world has stopped
And I think he's got somethin' to say
"You wanna fuck with me, don't fuck with me-
'Cause I'm what you'll be so
don't fuck with me.
If you had better sense
You'd step aside from the bad side of me
Don't fuck wit'da bad side o' me
Stay away from the bad side o' me
Don't fuck wit'da bad side" 

Perfect Crime, Gn'R 1991

Somewhere in 2006
Remember kids - The brighter the picture, the darker the negative.

Been telling some good friends that I have been feeling "WWAD"* and maybe I should be behaving with "WWHD"** instead.  But God damn;  Sometimes destruction feels right.

So when is it appropriate to explode?

So if you are someone who reads this page, and checks out this page... 
Comment, don't be shy and let me know who you are...  Let me know why you're here.   And comment on this post...  If ya can...  Curiosity killed that cat they say.  But I don't think any comments can kill this one.  Just help.

And give me your best answer to this question:
"How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

Trying to post here everyday now/again...  But I'm gonna sit tomorrow out and let this post breath.  Back to puppet madness and films after that.  At least until I'm pushed again.  After all this is my platform to do as I want with...
Thank you.  Those who have seen it.
Let's get weird.  Life is too short not to.

*WWAD - What Would Axl Do?

**WWHD - What Would Henson Do?

Lay down your funky weapon.  And drag those skeletons out...  Shall we?

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