Saturday, September 25, 2021

Elsa - Commission

Mouth Puppet - Commission
(Client pic)
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or contact Elmwood Productions HERE

With this one I also wanted to post some behind the scenes of the making of the puppet!
 Her sketch:
My version:
Unknown artist version:
After we agreed on the look I got started.  
Managed to get some final Antron fleece from Puppet Pelts, which was the perfect color...
And off I ran!  Puppet Boobs Warning!

I brought in Nicki LaPorte to make the costume.  She's a pro at this kind of thing!

This picture is how she looked once the work was done, and right before she was boxed up to ship!

And since the client was making the hair I didn't need too...  
And here is another look at her once the client added hair and a few other touches

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