Friday, March 24, 2023

BERNICE, TOO! Streaming NOW!!!

"BERNICE, TOO" is coming to streaming! For one weekend only!!!

You've been asking us when it'll be happening! And now is the time! And the time is limited!
Head on over to now to order for $15.00!

And after 3/26/23 it will no longer be available to order! But if you have bought it, you'll have it there to watch anytime, even after March 26th! But don't miss this! We have no idea when it will be online streaming again!

Two men. One wheelchair. And a day in their lives... The world is a wonderful and strange place. Let's spend some time in theirs. "Bernice, Too" is a music infused experimental sketch comedy, starring a cast of puppets, in a world of our creation. Nothing too deep. But, maybe just deep enough.
"Bernice, Too" is PG-13.

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