Sunday, July 2, 2023


 Took my dad to see this flick today. 

We've seen them all together since I was 6 years old. Full of fun, good action, and heart. Even got choked up a couple of times. 

The best sequels are movies that can stand on their own. And even with this movie making mention and wrapping up storylines from the previous four it could still be watched on its own and be a lot of fun and entertaining. Nothing will ever beat Raiders of the Lost Ark. But this movie is truly an Indiana Jones movie. I recommend it, all the characters are great and made sense. 

Again it was fun and fun is all I want when I see Indiana Jones. Ignore what the followers online will say because they just want to hate things to get more likes and views and just want to hate things cuz they're new. This was a fantastic way to wrap up 43 years of Adventures.

Give him hell Indiana Jones.

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