Tuesday, December 12, 2023


I'm home. I've showered, relaxed, slept... And thought about this alot.
And I'm still shocked, floored, and full of love.

The speech we get to make on stage Sunday nite doesn't event show a tiny bit of the tip of the iceberg for who I feel we need to thank.
And to type every name here... I would still miss someone and have to come back and edit this post one thousand times.
Thank you to all thr Elmwood Productions crew who made the flick. Mike Finland gets a specail shout out for drawing this now iconic doodle that started it all and for sharing this weird comedy we have in common that lead to making this flick...
Thank you to all our friends and families who supported by giving us time away to film, by coming to screenings and events, and for all the love and support.
All the Kickstarted backers for "Bernice, Too" - Thank you.
And lastly Thank you to the Elmwood fans who have supported these crazy puppet movies for over 20 years and who keep asking us #whoisbernice

Watch Award This 2023 HERE

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