Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Funkbot 2000

I wanted this SOOOOO bad as a kid. 
I went through a robot phase like so many other kids in the 1980's. My brother and I both did. 

I saved my money forever it felt like.  Cuz this thing was not cheap. 
And then one day, poof...  My parents decided to surprise me and my mom took me to get one. 

10 year old Jon. And Omnibot 2000...

I was obsessed with it. Played with it so much my parents had to tell me to take breaks, lol...
So I would then just use it a a tape player for music. And it's eyes flashed with the beats.
Loved that...

And then I became an adult.
I kept the Omnibot into adulthood. And then had a big move to Florida in 2001. And somewhere between moving there and then back to Connecticut the robot disappeared.

Last summer my buddy Rich gave me one. It needs some TLC, and doesn't work. But this Omnibot 2000 is going to get new life. 

And the project has begun.

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