Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Todd - Original


This is the original Todd puppet made back in 2003. He was featured in the old Plink show and was also going to be in the shots we did for Josh and Todd back in 2003 that we never finished...

I made a new one featured in the film Josh and Todd: the Story of A Man and His Puppet in 2008, I'll post that one another day...

I'm the main puppeteer for Todd. But on the old Plink show he got handed around a bit. I was already Plink and Johnnie, so Todd got a new voice. Josh Leder performed him for a couple shows, and then Jorge Gonzalez (see above) took over the role for a few shows, then I took over again for the last few episodes. In the film I perform him, but with a new puppet of him.

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