Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is BRIE.
Made for the Simon Sinister music video Simon's Lament, based Brie McDonald who appeared in the video.

Brie puppet wearing Brie's glasses!
I want to take a moment and thank Brie here also.
Thank you Brie!
This blog was actually inspired by her. She read an article in a art magazine about a painter who challenged himself to do a painting a day for a whole year. And he did it. They were in all different sizes and styles. I kept thinking about that, and I was impressed. I wanted to do it myself, but with puppets.
The more and more I thought of it I thought it would be great to put all the puppets I've made and am making. So here it is...
So far so good
And also thank you Brie for being in the Simon's Lament video!
You should be a movie star!

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Portraits, monsters, original designs...
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