Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Lyrics - No Title

Danced with the locals and slept in the kingdom,
Didn't see any cowards and
Everyone said what they meant
And meant what they felt,
And they looked me in the eye
When they would say:
I love you or hate you
I'm clearly insane with a dash of overconfidence,
Lightly sprinkled with melancholy and
Self righteousness and a touch of
Happy rage

So why am I in my head?
Dancing dance
With the dead,
Wanting to eat sugary sweets
Drifting toward your pretty feet
I found a wedding dress
On the side of the street
Wanted to wear it
When we next meet
There’s a place inside
A Elmwood sky
A place that we found to hide
Behind the building
On Quaker Lane
You held me close and called me sweet
I won’t kiss you
So don’t bother to beg
I won’t kiss you
So don’t brush your teeth today
I won't f**k you

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