Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Tale of Blue

In May of last year Brie and I found a place to move into together.  Of course we'd be bringing Ripper and Tugger, my two cats.
When we first checked the place out there was this small black cat named Blue still living there, among the current renters last few belongings.  She was really friendly and interested in meeting us.  And just wanted some attention.  We signed for the place and on June first it was to be ours.

On June second I stopped in to drop off some things (my plan was to be in by June 10th, and Brie by then end of summer) and there in the empty room that would become my studio was a litter box, a big bowl of cat food, and a big bowl of water.  And within seconds there was Blue.
The previous tenant left her behind.  What an asshole.  What a cute cat though.  And all she wanted was love.  And I loved her right away.
But I was afraid to keep her.  Tugger was 16 years old at the time and really set in his ways.  I was afraid he would hate the idea of this little 2 year old girl running around all the time.

God bless my friend Nick.  Nick took one look at her and offered to take her home.  He had two cats already and figured "what's one more, they'll all love each other"
And again GOD BLESS NICK for trying at least!  Morgan and Hobbes (his cats) wanted nothing to do with her and after a week he brought her back to me.  Within that week I was just about settled in (no couch though) and Tug and Rip were in the new place for a few days and got used to her scent.  Now she was back and she'd just have to get used to them.  We thought about finding her a new home, and even briefly tried too, but she got too attached to Ripper quick, and Brie and I got too attached to her to let her go.
The first time she met Tug and Rip was a little tense.  But within hours Rip and Blue were chasing each other around playfully, and the old man Tug just didn't really care.

Then Tug got sick.  So sick he almost died.  I think it really spooked Blue how sick he was.  She'd avoid him while he was awake, and when he slept, very often she'd sit by his side as if to guard him.
Modern veterinary medicine saved Tug.  And he got mostly better.  But Blue still mostly kept her distance.  Her new buddy was Ripper anyway.
Then she very quickly to get used to Brie.  Her and Brie were in love.  She couldn't get enough of sitting with Brie in the room that is Brie's studio.  Blue kinda claimed it as her own too.  She finally had a family that I'm sure she knew would never let her go.  Never leave her behind.  She was so happy.

Blue was ever the hyper cat, never one to walk in a straight line from place to place.  More one to make a maze out of table legs and chairs and run as fast as she could.  She was always rolling around and waiting for a pet.  And whenever I'd pet her in Brie's studio she'd make it point to nibble my fingers as if to say; "This is the girls room!  No boys allowed!  But thanks for the scratching!"

Every morning she would make it a point to be up just before Brie, as Ripper and Tugger and I still slept to get in their own time without us bugging them.
Everything had been going great...

Then the worst thing I can think of happened on Monday.
The little girl, just now 3, passed away.  She took a fall and died.  All I could do cuz it happened so fast was hold her as she went away.  She was being her usual self and playing fast and slipped off a table.  Within seconds she was gone.  It's just not fair.  I know, life isn't fair.  But I'm not talking about my life.  She still had so much to do.  She was just three.  It's not fair for her.

Blue was in my life to ten months.  And it just wasn't long enough.
I'll miss the way she chirped as she ran, the way she dug for China in the litter box, and the way she smiled when she got to be held and pet.  I'll miss the way she smells so much.

The first nite she was here with me I still didn't have a couch.  I sat on the living room floor with some pillows and blankets to watch a movie.  "The Muppet Movie" to be exact.  I remember it's a tradition of mine to watch it in a new home as soon as I can and cuz she curled up on the blanket near me and fell asleep, and while Gonzo sang "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday" I thought the line; "old friends, who've just met" seemed so perfect for her and this family...

Sweet dreams Blue, love you and miss you already

This one's for you Blue....

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