Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet dreams Gaelon...

Just about 24 hours ago I got a call from Jim.  For Jim to call me anytime before noon on a non-production day means something is bad.  It was ten of nine.  
And it was bad.
One of Jim's closest friends, and a friend of mine, Gaelon Morris, passed away at some point overnight.

What a week...  An hour and a half later Mike tells me his mom/my friend, Jodi, is in the hospital...  She needed an appendectomy!  What a day for all those involved.

And with Blue passing away earlier this week on Monday, it was for a minute, for me, all too much.

And then I said to Mike:
"It can only get better."

Well ain't that the fucking truth.

Blue and Gaelon are in way better places, and Jodi is home already...

Gaelon was a friend of mine too.  I met him through Jim when we both worked at Borders a decade ago.  Gaelon and I quickly became friends, always making sure when he stopped in to chat about movies, puppets, and sic-fi, or whatever came to mind.  He and I, and Jim, and Russ, and our other buddy Vin would make it a point to take lunch and hit up China Pan in the plaza and really cut loose with our conversations, loudly.  Just loud enough to annoy the other people eating there.  We all got a kick out of that. 
After I left Borders he would come in and visit me from time to time at Blick, and every time he would bring his baby daughter with him.  I loved that.  
And I'd see him at events at Jim and Jaime's place, or at the "Hobbit Hole" in Bristol...  Watching "Fanboys" for the first time with him, Mark and Kelly was a blast...  I'm sad we won;t be able to share that kinda stuff with you anymore man...
Just some random memories of a fellow puppet fan...  And friend...  And good husband and father...  And good man.

Sweet dreams Gaelon...

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