Monday, March 17, 2014


This Friday the new Muppet flick comes out.
I'm happy.
Happy to see the Muppets are "back" although they never really went away…  Happy to see it wasn't 13 years between movies…  And happy to see puppetry as a focus in a major motion picture.
It's good for all of us puppeteers when the Muppets hit the screen.
Not only does it set the example of good work, and entertainment, but it also sets the bar high for proof of the art of puppetry.

Now we just need more puppets in things!

That's up to us, the puppeteers who use film.
And that's me.

I made a goal a few years ago.  That goal was to explore puppetry as more then just comedy.  And use the style of puppets I like to tell stories that aren't just comical.  While we (Elmwood) make our first non-puppet feature film this year I will also be making more shorts, with puppets, exploring this concept…  Horror, drama, action, all styles of storytelling…  But with puppets as the actors.
If nothing else it will be fun, at least for me!

In the meantime though….

"It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights…"

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