Saturday, April 26, 2014

How are YOU celebrating the National Day of Puppetry???


Here are some things (with links!) you can do this weekend to support the art of puppetry!

 - MUPPETS  MOST WANTED is still in theaters!  Check it out! Showtimes here

- Check with The Puppeteers of America to see if your state's local Puppetry Guild has any events!

- Buy a DVD or Blu-Ray of a movie or show starring some puppets, and watch it!  Hahahaha!

- Subscribe to Elmwood's YouTube Channel (shameless self promotion!)

- Just Google "Puppets" and see what comes up!

- And tomorrow…

At The Desultory Theatre Club in Torrington CT!

Join us for the late nite event of the spring! You can be in the audience of a talk show hosted by Plink, and featuring his special guest Johnnie Sojive - the two fisting poet and Madman!!!! And a few more surprise guest too! 

The Elmwood Puppets' show is the opening act for The WHAM CITY Comedy Tour when it hits CT on April 27th! 

FYI - This show is for the grown ups!

Tickets $13.00 at the door. BYOB!!!!

Did we mention it's BYOB? Cuz it's BYOB! That also means you can BYOB for the puppeteers too, if you didn't know Johnnie Sojive likes when you BYOB just for him!!!!
What a great way to celebrate the 2014 National Day of Puppetry!!!!

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