Monday, January 11, 2016

Said You Sailed The Big Ship. Said You Sailed Away. Didn't Know The Right Thing To Say

There are times in your life that will be hard.
Times when you're not sure where to turn, or who to talk to.  Or even how to get relief.

As I woke up this morning and got my pot of coffee started I began my normal morning (when I'm alone) routine...  As the coffee brewed I turned on the CD player, and popped in a CD.  It didn't want to work.
So I took it out and put in another, then sit at my messy desk and turned on the computer.  Time to catch up on emails , since I haven't checked them all weekend, check on all the various Elmwood pages and emails, reply to messages, and so on.

I put the CD that wouldn't work on my desk and looked at it as my machine started.  I thought about the day I bought it.  And how at that moment it was one of those time in my life that was hard, I wasn't sure where to turn, or who to talk to.  Or how to get relief.  I was 18 years old and my brother had died a week earlier.  And I just needed music I hadn't heard before that day.  So I went to the record store and bought an album I hadn't really ever heard before, "Young Americans"... It was the Rykodisc version, with bonus tracks.  
I Loved it.  Every second.
And it was therapy.  And wasn't going to cure all that was broken of my heart.  But it did help me see there was someplace to go.  And it reminded me "Somebody Up There Likes Me"...

And then I looked at the internet.  The news first.
I woke up today in a world where David Bowie was no longer here.
And then I got a text from my wife...  And Gabe...  Then Tricky
And I cried.
I stopped and listened to the CD I did put in, disc one of the 2014 set "Nothing Has Changed", and as I started typing Mr. Bowie was singing "Where Are We Now?  Where Are We Now?  The Moment You Know, You Know.  You Know."

I then checked messages.  First I hit up a thread Elmwood has privately on Facebook.  And Paul and Rick made mention of the news...  "As Long As There's Sun...  As Long As There's You"
At that point I paused.  And sat back with my coffee.  And listened.


I've posted here on this blog about David Bowie in the past.
His music, films, and art has impacted my life since my earliest memories.  I had hip parents who loved music, and my mom was a fan for sure...

We are lucky to have music, and art, and film.    To entertain us, and give us relief from day to day life.  And to inspire us to do whatever it makes us want to do.
And we're lucky Mr. Bowie left us so much.  We're lucky.

Thank you Mr. Bowie, sweet dreams.

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Myrrhkuri said...

it was a very sad moment, my gf came home from work and told me I had not heard anything you say he has been there as long as I can remember I loved his music, his movies, his ever changing image, it all was a big influence to me as well..