Monday, January 4, 2016

Who doesn't love cake?

My 40th Birthday Cake...  2/2015...  Made by Brie.  She totally digs me.

So 2016 has begun...
And I feel like everyone on the internet has made some post about how this is going to be "the best year ever!"
Now it's my turn...  
Wait, it's been four days so I shouldn't do that now?  We've moved on to something else?
"I don't feel tardy"

Forget about the best year ever...  I'm just trying to make every day the best day ever...

I'm looking forward to camping trips, making movies, making puppets, hanging out with my cats, good coffee, being with my awesome wife and family and friends...  Also looking forward to maybe seeing some old members of Gun N' Roses play with the band, a new Bowie album, and a Batman/Superman movie...  And I'm sure some other stuff I'm too tired at this hour to think up!

And smiling.  I plan on smiling a lot.
So with that in mind here's a picture of my goofy face, smiling.
I hope you get a smile out of it!

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