Monday, July 2, 2018

I Would Love To Be Your Neighbor.

Heading to the movies to beat the heat this holiday week?
During the summer movie-goers are bombarded with overblown and over hyped fluff...
Don't get me wrong, sometime I LOVE that stuff...
I just with that for every movie ticket sold to
  Avengers Part 37 and Jurassic Park World: Dances With Fred and Dino 
a ticket to a film like Won't You Be My Neighbor also be sold...
Again, no slight to the blockbusters.  Some of my all time favorite films are in that category.
And I make some truly boneheaded films myself.  And I make flicks with heart.  There is a place for both for everyone, in my opinion.
I sat in a full movie theater Saturday nite and watched this movie.  Amazing.
I cannot recommend it enough.

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