Saturday, July 14, 2018

Who's HEAD? Now Online!!!

The past 30 + Hours of love has been unbelievable....
I am humbled...

The past couple weeks I keep seeing articles sharing the press release for "HEAD" and reviews of the film all referring to it as “Jon Bristol’s HEAD”.

Well this is my head:

I know what you're thinking: "Damn, that guy is hot!"

But the “HEAD” the press are writing about is something awesome.  
It’s a movie made by Elmwood Productions.  
We shot this cool and funny horror flick, and now it’s getting a full blown digital release courtesy of the awesome team at Terror Films!

Notice how I didn’t say I made the movie.  It's because I didn’t. 
It takes a ton of folks to make a movie. 
Elmwood Productions made the movie.  
When the press looks at a flick it’s looking for names to use.  I’m listed in the credits a bunch and did direct it.  
So, it seems by default, my name is popping up.  A lot.
I have always tried to say Elmwood makes the movies, not just me.  
We used to have a guy in our crew who was always saying “I”, “me” “mine” when discussing the work Elmwood had done and it would drive me crazy.  “WE” did it.  As a team.  It would drive me crazy when he would do it because he was over stretching his own involvement while taking away credit from everyone else.  
And I am not ungrateful for the press dropping my name!
Hell, I'm glad HEAD and Elmwood Productions is getting ANY press, hahaha!
I just want to make sure everyone involved is feeling some love!

“WE” work hard, all of us.  Including him…  So, I’ve learned to let it go.

But I still won’t do it myself.  Sure, seeing my name is cool and puffs up the ego a little bit!  
And most of the articles do name drop members of the cast and crew…

Now I want to name drop them ALL, here…
These are the folks who made "HEAD" happen.  Not everyone though, the names here are the folks who were on set and in the editing room.  If you want to see every name you’ll have to check it out now on Amazon Prime, iTunes TubiTV, and VUDU.  Click the names of the sites – they are links right to the flick! 

So, without any further introduction – 
The ChuckleHEADs I Love That Made HEAD Happen:

Rick Passmore
Mike Finland
Russ Werlebird
Chris Gierowski
Muffin Burton
Gabe Finkenstein
Manda Vasas
J.R. Calvo
Nick Foreman
Sally Arlette-Garcia
Keith Paul
Ben Farley
Jim Williams
Steph Neagle
Jason Finberg
Pat Carroll
Theresa Murphy
Brian Woodman

And here's a set pic of a few of us...  
OK!  Now go watch "HEAD"!
Remember it is YOUR support that keeps us going!
Thank you!  We love ya!


Thank you all for your support!

And thank you Terror Films!

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