Thursday, October 10, 2019

Throwback Thursday - From the Elmwood archives!

From the archives -  2009
The lost "long" version of "Lock And Load! A Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse"

A fun short film Elmwood made in the wake of making "Josh & Todd"
We needed a break from "big" projects.  
So in the year following principal production of "Josh & Todd" we shot some goofy non-puppet stuff, and picked up on a few more episodes of 'Steve the Vampire".  This one, "Lock and Load" always cracked me up.  I totally forgot there was a longer version than the one we released.  While going through the old archives I stumbled upon it, was glad to see the whole thing!
Hard to believe that was ten years ago!  We've come so far since then!!!
"You have located the home of the Z.A.T.S. - Zombie Apocalypse Task Squad. We are dedicated to helping all Americans survive the upcoming Armageddon precipitated by the rising of the recently dead. Be sure to watch "Lock And Load" our instructional video including submissions from our supporters around the globe. Remember, the only way to Survive is to be Constantly Vigilant."

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