Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Graveyard Gil is here with a special announcement! The multi-award winning horror film "HEAD" is back on DVD for the films 5th Anniversary an the 20th Anniversary of Elmwood Productions! On sale April 24, 2021! Limited Quantities available - and will not be re-issued! Featuring two additional short films from GRAVEYARD GIL'S MIDNITE THRILLS: "Christmas Wishes" and "The Jungle Man" And an all new commentary from puppeteer Mike Finland, producer/editor Rick Passmore, and writer/director/puppeteer Jon Bristol.
Links to purchase - HERE and HERE!

And to stream HEAD from Terror Films find all the streaming sites here: elmwoodproductions.com/head Show some love for Elmwood! It's your support that keeps content like this coming! Visit our Ko-Fi Page and help keep us caffeinated! -CLICK HERE!

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