Monday, May 30, 2022

Let's Start A Cult!


This is not Bernice. This is the "Cultination" music video. From Sgt. Scag's split 7 inch single “Cultination” in partnership with Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, and the movie "Bernice, Too". See the original version of the music video HERE

Listen to Sgt. Scag here: Orange Juice and Toothpaste vinyl variants of the "Cultination 7 inch single are still available here - "Bernice, Too" - Two men. One wheelchair. Now on DVD! Click HERE to get your copy! The world is a wonderful and strange place. Let's spend some time in theirs. The newest film from Elmwood Productions. Starring a cast of puppets. Nothing too deep. But just deep enough. Show some love for Elmwood! It's your support that keeps content like this coming! Visit our Ko-Fi Page and help keep us caffeinated! - #sgtscag #whoisbernice #elmwoodproductions #sgtscanetti #elmwoodpuppets #indiefilm #undergroundfilm #cultination #music #musicvideo Music Video Copyright 2022 Elmwood Productions LLC Music Copyright 2021 Sgt. Scag

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