Wednesday, March 27, 2024

March 27

 Today was a day that I didn't expect to go so well.
Today was a day I laughed so hard I started to wheeze, more than once.
I even cried form laughing.  Fuck, that feels so good.

Today would have been my brother's birthday.  And every year I try to find a way to celebrate.
And although I didn't bring it up with the Elmwood gang tonite as we had out weekly production meeting, they helped me celebrate by being my brothers and sisters. And making me laugh so fucking hard.

The past few years all my social media outlets, including this one, have turned to more Elmwood Productions focused. And that has been on purpose.  Who cares about my personal stuff?  Just share the films, the puppet, the creative suff... That madness that goes along with all of that.
It's probably better that way, and more fun for me and whoever reads this stuff.
Puppets are more fun than my bald head for sure...

As I was driving home from the studio, I had a CD in my car I haven't played in literal years. And the last song played as I hit my driveway.  I sat and listened to it and a flood of memoirs came back to me.

I used to have a blog where I vented about life. And things were getting dark back then. And at one point someone commented on a post with a quote from the song that was playing.

"I have faith that there's a soul somewhere that's leading me around,
I wonder if she knows which way is down."

And I found my way down. I even felt like I evaporated. And then there was rejuvenation.

As I lean into this time, where Elmwood is just going to take it all over on my socials as we release so much new and awesome stuff over the next year and more, I realize that I did go down.  And sometimes down lower than I thought was survivable...  And These people who made my face and chest hurt from laughing so much have pulled me back up. 
And I don't even know if they know it.
So, thank you to ALL the Elmwood gang...  And a few others who have made me smile so goddamn much.
I can only hope I do the same for you.

Thank you for being a part of my mad journey. 

Love and goodnite.

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