Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Crew!

So here's what's coming up next at Paris In Plantsville....
"The Crew"
My aunt Desi came to me last year and said something like:
"Hey I work with a  lot of talented people, we should do a show at Paris!"
and I said something like:
 "Sounds great!"
There's a whole lot of paraphrasing there, but you get the idea.
I hope you come out and see the opening, or the meet and greet, or just stop in to see the show!

Here's all the info stole from Paris In Plantsville's blog:

Paris In Plantsville is proud to host "The Crew" a group exhibition featuring a collective of artists from Connecticut and Massachusetts!

The opening reception is on April 6th from 6:00 PM to 10 PM and the exhibit runs from April 6th to April 30.
There will also be an Artist Meet and Greet on Saturday April 20th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

So who is "The Crew"?
They are a collective of like minded artists joined together to further pursue the creative process, and share their work together.
The show includes:
Stephen Andrade
Dan Baird-Miller
Pedro Centeno
Laura Ficara
Tim Kurdle
Logan Matyjewicz
Elvira E. Ormaecha
Helen Rebecchi
Kristen Rose
Arianna Thill
and Kerrie Wessel-Andrade
and the show is Curated by Desi Hugh

Look for a piece from each member of "The Crew" to pop up here on our blog over the next few weeks leading up to the opening...
Everything from paintings, to sculpture, to jewelry, to photography, and more!

For more information please click HERE!

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