Saturday, July 5, 2014


Mouth Puppet

This guy is a commission for Elmwood Productions' buddies and partners in crime
Party Time Comics is a comic company that publishes the web comic…  
Wait for it… 
They will be doing more comics soon too!
They wanted something special for their first anniversary and got me to make Fizzle for a special short!
Elmwood is also going to be the home of the Party Time YouTube Page!
Keep an eye out for the fun!

Here's a looks at what I based the puppet on…
 The comic is drawn by Gabe Finkinstein and written by Ben Farley…  Two regular Elmwood contributors and handsome men!!!

And Fizzle in progress…

 While making Fizz I texted Gabe…  "When Fiz had no hat…  Bald on top?"
Gabe's response: "Do something cool like bald with a third eye on top"
So Gabe was either drunk, or he trusts me as a puppet maker.  To be honest he didn't give me much direction, as long as it looked like Fizzle and something from Elmwood Puppets.
And I'm sure Gabe was drunk too.
In the picture above you may also notice the beer…  In a Big Bird cozy!  The cozy says "Wing Man" and it was gift from Mike!  Thanks Mike!

Here's the vid!

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