Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nobody told me there'd be days like these...

A real conversation I had...  Very recently:

So Jon, you have followers online.

Yeah, I do, it's pretty cool.

All you really ever talk about is puppets, and art, and music, and stuff like that.


And stuff about you life, kinda.


How come you don't get into politics?  Or more on religion?  
Or important issues?

So puppets, art, and music aren't important?

No, I mean, it's just there are deeper issues.

Yeah, I get that man...  But...


No matter what I say, you'll be right, and I'll be wrong.  
So I'll stick to what I know best.

Awe man, I just wanna know what you think.

Well...  I just want you to think for yourself.


Myrrhkuri said...

Haha tried to bait you into an argument.

Jon Bristol said...