Monday, February 29, 2016

Paris In Plantsville... And Beyond

This is the first picture I took at Paris In Plantsville.  
Labor Day weekend 2010, just before Elmwood's first screening and exhibit there.

So the news is out there...  Paris In Plantsville is closing down.
It’s true.  Sad but true.  And also happy and true.  Happy for the new beginnings we’ll have as artists.

Having been a part of the gallery, and having the work I’ve been part of be a main attraction there over the past half decade is something that I am, and will always be, immensely proud of.
I walked in with Joe Calvo in 2010 looking for a place to screen some Elmwood shorts, and a month later I was a Resident Artist.  A little over a year later I spent a year as the manager.  And after that took a couple months off (just a little breather), and was back in the fold spending time there, and showing my work all over again. 

Celebrating a great opening at the now defunct Kess Cafe

I tried to stay away but couldn’t!  Haha…  I loved the place too much.
Over the past year I knew this was coming.  It was eventual.  It’s not about the money, which is great.  It’s about the time.  And growth.  The regulars there…  Sean, Eric, Clinton, Jackie, myself, have all spread our wings and grown so much.  Our work has developed, and continues to develop.  And Paris is going out on top because of it.  The building we call Paris In Plantsville may be locking it’s doors May first, but the spirit and collective will live on.

 This little funky punk rock gallery has been good to me.  And to Elmwood Productions.  From shooting the first three episodes of ”The Painter” there with Jordan running the camera, to doing re-shoots for “Josh and Todd” and “Animal Behavior” in the midst of other events, and shooting some key scenes for “HEAD” there, getting Ajay to puppeteer with us, and so much more.  Not to mention all the awesome screenings we have had there.  Paris (and Sean) helped Elmwood’s films get this awesome underground following here in Connecticut that will continue to grow no matter where we screen now.  

Elmwood Gang in PiP - Premiere screening weekend for HEAD, March 2015

I could write for hours about all the good times I had there.  And about the things I’m going to miss…  
But I don’t want to bore anyone any further, and I’m sure there will be one more post (at least) before we shut this baby down in May.

Sean, Jordan, and I just before the doors opened for the 
private premiere of "Josh and Todd" in 2011

So thank you.  
Thank you to everyone who supported Paris in Plantsville over the years.
Thank you to everyone who came to see Elmwood’s flicks there.
And thank you Sean.  For always letting me and the crazy puppet crew hijack the place anytime we need to, and for being one of Elmwood’s biggest fans.

We have two shows left…  And an Elmwood screening happening on 4/22!!!  So it ain’t over till it’s over!  Can’t wait to see you at the events!

And one of my favorite pictures from the gallery, from Elmwood's first event in 2010
Photo by Kara Cranford!

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