Monday, January 25, 2021

The Doctor Is In! - MASKS!


 Eugene and The Doctor are here to go over the correct way to wear your facemask!

You will see it isn’t that hard at all! Even if you may need some Velcro to keep it on!

Are you looking for some advice in love?
Not sure on how to build up your confidence?
Elmwood’s own Doc is now here and in session! Are you looking for advice from someone with almost as much credibility as any other so-called doctor on TV or the internet? Cuz now’s your chance to get it!
Need to learn to tie your shoes?

Well, The Doctor is IN!
Email The Doc now: And if he uses your question you’ll get a cool Elmwood t-shirt! Perfect for washing your car with or cleaning spills in the kitchen. Or, you could wear it! Just remember to include a mailing address with your question! The Doc and his co-host Eugene will look over your questions and come up with amazing solutions for you, and they're doing it for free!
The Doc is not a real doctor. He's a puppet. So this is just for entertainment purposes. But we're sure you figured that out.
And remember: "The Doctor Can Cure What Ails Ya!"

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And a super special thanks to the one and only "Dr" Michael Bingham. Our great friend and inspiration for "The Doctor"!

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