Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 Days Left!

I made this guy at the restaurant crawl also...
So I started Puppet A Day on 10/20/2008 and the plan was to post a different puppet that I have made for 365 days. And it's almost 10/20/2009, that's a year! I did take a week off to showcase the puppets made by the other Elmwood crew members. But here I am at the home stretch.
I got the idea to do this from Brie, she read an article about a painter who challenged himself to do a whole painting a day for a whole year. And originally I was going to make a puppet every day for a whole year, but then I was looking at the puppets I've made so far and figured it would be fun to post them also. So about half of these were made before 10/20/08 and the other half were made over the course of the year. So here it is, the last few days...
After the 20th I'll still be posting puppets as I make them and as the other crew members make them and puppets from my collection of toy puppets, so keep checking back!

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